Nutrisystem has shifted the entire team dynamics for the better

Hello there. We are a small legal practice in Richmond, Indiana and we’d just like to put it out there that Nutrisystem has done wonders for our organization as a team. We know you’re interested in Nutrisystem coupons but before we get to that, we would like to share details about our Nutrisystem journey.

We’re an organization with 25 staff members, all of whom have different personalities and opinions but all of us agreed that the food that was being served in around our legal practice was anything but nutritious and delicious. As we are a group of health conscious individuals we decided to have a group meeting. We considered a plethora of options including an in-house healthy option that we all found to be either too expensive, or just too complex for a small corporation like ours. When it all seemed to be pointing towards the continuation of business as usual, an employee suggested that we check the Nutrisystem meal plans for our team and he was even willing to share his discount codes with us.

We gave their website a look but quite skeptical as to whether or not their varied meal plans would be effective in providing the necessary energy that the organization demands from its employees. And then there was the case of whether or not the entire office would love to enroll themselves in this meal plan as it demanded that the clients stick strictly to the plan. But after a long debate between our accounts manager and a senior lawyer, we were reassured that this was the meal-plan to go forward with, and made it voluntary to follow the plan – with the option of bringing packed lunch from home, of course. But surprisingly, or not-so surprisingly anymore, everyone decided to give it a go. Of course, the Nutrisystem claims and the Nutrisystem coupons made it more tempting. And it was totally worth taking the risks and listening to that one employee. Everything changed from there-on for the better.

Nutrisystem Guarantees a Healthy and Fast Weight Loss

The team’s work ethics have unquestionably improved

Following their carefully constructed meal-plan made specifically for our office and each employee kept in mind, the team dynamics have definitely been boosted thanks to the nutritious yet cravings fulfilling meals that they have been providing the team with. The fact that they’ve moved on from greasy, and sometimes undesirable food to chocolate biscuits, caramel bars, burgers, pizzas, and the lot. This has been making lunch recess a lot more entertaining to discuss work plans over or simply interact. The entire team has been reporting unanimously positive reports about the change and there’s a generally more cheerful atmosphere around the cabins – probably thanks to the desserts served with lunch. Everybody is using their Nutrisystem coupon codes with a huge smile on their faces when they’re receiving their lunches.

Nutrisystem was easy on the company budget

The first thing that a company tends to worry about when thinking about a working meal-plan for its employees is its expense and the organization’s budget. However, the employee and the specialists assured me that the prices wouldn’t put a strain on our vaults. And they didn’t. In fact, they took some strain off it. Six meals a day for just $10 for each employee; that’s nothing but beneficial for a company that was depending on one meal a day for more than $10 on days. Not only has it helped the company cut down on costs but the employees too, so why wouldn’t they love it? And taking that further, are Nutrisystem discounts that make cost-effective meals even cheaper than Atkins diet. It may sound too good to be true but all of the promises are fulfilled in Nutrisystem’s dedication in making everything simpler. The nutritious list of foods have since undoubtedly replaced the long list of unhealthy and unsatisfying food items served in our previous meal plan. The atmosphere in the office has – as repeatedly stated above – never seemed to be in better shape (quite literally). Also, the fact that it cuts down on the need for anything other than an oven to heat the frozen meals up makes it even more cost-effective for an organization on a tight budget such as ours.

Nutrisystem’s time-efficient meals

For a company constantly filling itself up with programs and projects, time is of the essence and the employees recognize that but of-course, meals usually didn’t. Nutrisystem changes that with their oven-ready meals ready for the quickest but fulfilling bites of the day, to ensure that not only the office but your body keeps working too. It’s simple as that – order your meals using your Nutrisystem promo code, bring it to work, heat it up in the oven, and have it on-the-go.

In the two years that have followed since our change of meal-plans we have more positives to go through with than we have come up with negatives. All our employees unanimously agree that Nutrisystem is the best meal-system they could’ve hoped for from an organization they’ve worked in, and I’m pretty sure the meals are the first thing that comes to mind when people move to other companies for work.


  • Cost-effective
  • Nutritious but delicious
  • Time-effective


  • Six-meals a day
  • Extremely tempting to move away from diet plan
  • Employees may not always unanimously agree on the plan

Thanks to Nutrisystem, we have been able to move past constant complaints regarding the taste and nutrition value of our meals while not conceding to a higher budget cut for lunch. We can definitely say that we would promote and recommend Nutrisystem to any other small, developing organizations because of all the pros listed above and simply because the food tastes as good.…